CEO of Interoperable Blockchain Protocol Persistence Featured in Forbes’ ‘30 Under 30 Asia’ List

April 21, 2021 1:11 PM UTC
Persistence Crypto


It is often said that during tumultuous periods, the brightest of each generation step up to lead the way, solving problems by shouldering the burden of innovation, adaptation and progress that may have otherwise been adopted by weaker hands during easier times. Indeed Satoshi himself stepped up in a similar way, birthing Bitcoin during the depths of the 2008 financial crisis, giving the world hope in the form of an innovative protocol that contained within it the seeds of a new financial paradigm.

This is precisely why this year’s Forbes’ 30 Under 30 is such a special list: a list of innovators and leaders that honed their craft during the depths of the coronavirus pandemic. These future titans have risen up through the shifting sands of global crisis to deliver industry leading innovation at lightning speed.

Given the revolutionary nature of blockchain, it’s perhaps no surprise to see a Web 3.0 innovator making the list. Tushar Aggarwal, Founder & CEO of interoperable blockchain protocol Persistence, has ranked among Forbes’ esteemed list of the 30 Asian visionaries in the ‘Finance and Venture Capital’ category.

Persistence Crypto

Persistence is an interoperable protocol powering a suite of next-gen financial products, spanning niches ranging from DeFi to NFTs. While many teams are following trends, the Persistence team is pioneering them. Their flagship application Comdex, an institutional-facing  commodities trading and trade financing platform, pioneered the use of NFTs for tokenizing real-world assets in 2019, long before the NFT mania of 2021. Comdex has already handled over $55M in transaction volume.

Tushar has the rare ability to keep pushing, not settling for one industry-leading product, but working tirelessly to provide a range of innovative solutions for both institutional and crypto-native users, blending them into one seamless suite of decentralized applications.

Persistence’s other products currently under development include pStake (liquid staking application), Asset Mantle (framework for interoperable NFT marketplaces), and pLend (stablecoin lending platform). With Tushar at the helm, providing his unique insights and strategic leadership, Persistence is leading the way to a new financial paradigm.

Persistence Crypto

Following hot on the heels of their $3.7M in initial funding last year, the Persistence team recently conducted their hugely anticipated XPRT token launch on AscendEX (formerly BitMax), currently trading at around 700% of the public auction price. With 35% APR for XPRT staking and value generation from the Persistence ecosystem trickling down to XPRT stakers, demand for the token is likely to increase as they continue to build out their product suite and become a household name in crypto.

It is also important to highlight that all of the attention and funding has not led Tushar to abandon the key ideals of his project in pursuit of lofty ambitions; he remains true to his roots, being an active and approachable crypto community member, participating in regular events, interviews and community outreach sessions. It is partly this mix of bringing complex and powerful decentralized financial tools to the world while focusing heavily on the community that makes this project so special. Persistence is a powerful protocol that stays true to its grassroots.

Make no mistake, Persistence, led by Tushar Aggawal, is certainly one to watch. Tushar’s recognition by Forbes is a promising sign of a bright future for the project. Whether it’s their comprehensive ‘all-in-one’ approach to DeFi and NFT solutions with their suite of decentralized applications, or the team’s consistent ability to listen to the industry, then innovate and push to improve it, Persistence is at the start of an amazing journey.

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