Preventing Theft By Drones and Securing 5G Networks Using Blockchain Technology

November 30, 2019 2:27 AM UTC

IBM (International Business Machines), a multinational information technology company won a patent to prevent anonymous theft by drones. IBM uses IoT (Internet of Things) to determine the altitude data from its altitude sensor device.

Concurrently with the rise of popularity and accessibility of drones, online shopping and associated package delivery to residences and places of business has gained immense popularity in recent times.

Increasing Adoption for Blockchain Technology

The IBM patent specifically mentions blockchain several times, for instance, the secure database used comprises a blockchain because it is the safest database possible and is immutable. Only trusted parties are able to update the blockchain, like the merchant or shipping entity.

Additionally, Cisco has won a patent to use blockchain technology to secure the data in 5G networks.

This service-oriented architecture supports network slices, which employ an isolated set of programmable resources that can implement individual network functions and/or application services through software programs within a respective network slice, without interfering with other functions and services on coexisting network slices

-the filing said.

Cisco is also seeking to integrate blockchain technologies and IoT. Back in September, Cisco partnered with SingularityNet to decentralized AI systems.

There seems to be an increasing adoption of blockchain technology but experts say this is only the beginning.

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