Security Token Offering Platforms Get Help From Banks

March 22, 2020 3:50 PM UTC

Blockpulse, a French tokenization startup firm, has received a registration from the ACPR Bank of France. The regulatory approval allows the firm to continue with its Security token offering platform legally.

Blockpulse and its associate firm Lemonway, the major EU based investment platforms, have finalized their registration with the French entity. According to the firm COO Marien Irzykiewicz, Blockpulse is the initial firm to receive registration from the French bank. 

Irzykiewicz stated:

Blockpulse is a solution to raise funds, associate employees and manage investors. Blockpulse offers an all-in-one box of tools for companies to manage their fundraising: financial simulation, legal documentation, electronic signature, online payment, cap table and registry of share movements managed on the blockchain.

Blockpulse Enlistment Allows Euro Handling 

A long time ago, ICOs were the most popular fundraising method. After the 2017 explosion and tightened regulations of administrative officials, ICOs became highly ineffective and unattractive.

However, such growth is not being witnessed in STOs because they employ a more regulated procedure. STOs sell tokenized securities that need to be regulated. Blockpulse aims to build a platform to expertly serve the STO community. 

Blockpulse’s enlistment with the France entity allows them to handle the Euro currency legally. The enrollment also permits the firm to supervise euro transactions.

Irzykiewicz said:

“We can now manage both cash and securities flows into the same blockchain and automatize several actions through smart contracts.”

Initially, only French token issuers can utilize Blockpulse’s service. However, investors from various regions will be allowed to join after administrative constraints get resolved.

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