$25,000 USD Terra StakeDrop From Persistence ONE Has Begun!

By: Fahad
December 28, 2020 9:45 PM UTC
LUNA Staking


On December 19, 2020, the Persistence One team launched a StakeDrop campaign for people who stake LUNA tokens. By participating in this StakeDrop you can earn XPRT tokens, which are the native tokens of the Persistence platform. On top of the XPRT tokens you can also get additional token rewards in the form of LUNA and MIR tokens. Given all the rewards available in this Persistence StakeDrop campaign, it should prove to be a very lucrative opportunity for holders of LUNA tokens if they chose to stake them.

The team behind Persistence One have stated the total pool of XPRT tokens reserved for this stakedrop are 100,000 XPRT, which is equivalent to $25,000 USD based on current estimates provided by their team. As mentioned earlier the XPRT tokens are an additional benefit on top of all the LUNA and MIR tokens you stand to gain by participating in this StakeDrop.

Important Timelines

Persistence One’s LUNA StakeDrop campaign already began back on December 19th, and it will continue to run until January 13th. The entire duration of this StakeDrop campaign is 25 days. There are roughly still 16 days left until this StakeDrop campaign ends.

Even though the LUNA StakeDrop program has already begun, people can still continue to join in. You can also add more LUNA into the staking pool whenever you want, so that you can earn more rewards. However, it is important to join in earlier as that way you can yield more rewards.

According to the Persistence One website there are still 65,613 XPRT tokens available for this particular StakeDrop campaign. Considering that the total amount of XPRT tokens reserved for this entire campaign were 100,000, and over 65,000 still remain unclaimed, it means that 65% of the total rewards are still available. Just keep in mind that each unique participating wallet can only earn upto a maximum of 5000 XPRT tokens.

How to Participate

To begin staking you will need to get any non-custodial wallet that supports LUNA tokens and allows on-chain staking. A great example of a non-custodial wallet that supports LUNA tokens and allows on-chain staking is the Terra Station Wallet. It is very important to note that anyone who stakes their tokens from an exchange will not be able to participate in any of the Persistence stakedrops, and will be excluded from all the XPRT token rewards.

You will have to complete two small tasks before you can begin participating in the LUNA StakeDrop. The first task involves getting started with staking on the LUNA network in general. The second task is required to start earning XPRT tokens on top of all the LUNA and MIR tokens you will be getting by staking on the LUNA network.

The first task just requires you to begin staking your LUNA tokens, and if you are already staking your LUNA then you can move on to the second task right away. If you have not yet started staking your LUNA tokens, you can find 4 simple steps that will help you get started with staking on the LUNA network here.

Completing the second task will let you earn XPRT tokens on top of all the LUNA and MIR tokens you will be getting by staking your LUNA. For the second task you will have to send a small transaction of 0.001 LUNA to the Persistence One LUNA address. You can find the Persistence One LUNA address on their website under LUNA StakeDrop in the StakeDrop section of the site.

Note that before sending this transaction make sure you put one of your ERC-20 addresses in the memo field of the transaction. The XPRT tokens from this StakeDrop will be transferred to the address you put down in the memo section. If you require a more thorough guide on the second task, you can find it here.

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