The Avril Group Joined IBM Blockchain Cruise To Enhance Transparency

February 11, 2020 8:47 AM UTC

According to a Feb. 4 press release, The Avril Group, a French manufacturer, has joined the IBM Food Trust blockchain platform. 

The Avril Group widely manufactures vegetable oil, protein, and eggs, and also owns two brands, Matines and Lesieur. The company has started using the IBM Food Trust network to improve the transparency of goods provenance and supply chain. 

By utilizing blockchain, the Avril Group hopes to improve in its corporate social duty, particularly with regards to areas such as quality of livestock.

To enhance the consumer experience, Matines is planning to add QR codes inside the egg boxes. The barcode will guide consumers to an application containing a wide range of information related to the eggs they eat. For example, the journey starts from hens that laid the eggs to the date of dispatch, and eventually to the stockrooms of the wholesalers.

Food Companies Move to Adopt Blockchain

In January, CHO, the biggest olive oil maker in the southern Mediterranean, reported that it is utilizing IBM’s blockchain innovation to track its Terra Delyssa additional virgin olive oil. On the development, information was given to Cointelegraph, Ramesh Gopinath, vice president of IBM Blockchain Supply Chain Solutions, said:

“The best part of the IBM Food Trust network is its ability to connect members of the supply chain together, like the end consumer with the farmer. CHO has done just this, as every entity involved can share data, which not only provides traceability and food information, but also shows where food trust is heading in general.”

In recent months, Food companies have been broadly adopting blockchain technology. Nestle and Carrefour started utilizing IBM’s Food Trust blockchain platform to follow the production network of the milk-based recipe for babies. The firms thus intend to improve customer trust in goods quality.

IBM is not a lone player in the market as Vechain, a Singapore-based blockchain platform, also disclosed the latest blockchain-powered tracking system for the beverage and food industry.

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