The First Blockchain Solution for a Secure Enterprise Financial Management

September 3, 2019 12:08 AM UTC

Adjoint, an American distributed ledger technology and Tech Mahindra, an Indian multinational subsidiary of the Mahindra Group have joined forces to create the first ever blockchain solution for secure enterprise financial management as well as insurance services across locations.

Tech Mahindra Investments

Tech Mahindra is currently trying to leverage the next generation technologies like G5, cyber security or blockchain to contribute heavily to the overall revenue, in fact the CEO said he would like to see these technologies take up to 50% of the overall revenue.

Tech Mahindra thinks that the Blockchain technology is a necessity and is aiming to create a seamless and reliable user-experience.

Previous Blockchain Projects

Tech Mahindra was already interested in the Blockchain Technology long before this recent announcement. They were especially interested in commercialized Blockchain platforms as well as developing a platform to enable new business models.

Tech Mahindra has contributed to the IOTA development as well as the development of Banking and the Telco application.

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