V Systems is Taking SPoS on Step Beyond

November 18, 2019 1:15 PM UTC

V Systems is a database blockchain platform and infrastructure that delivers decentralized cloud database technology. It was founded by the creator of the original Proof of Stake protocol, Sunny King.

The digital asset uses a new and improved consensus algorithm called the Supernode Proof of Stake that aims to incentivize users even more to participate in the process of helping the entire network.

V Systems recently released an announcement about their new Staking 2.0 version which will allow users to join the first applications powered by V Systems.

The First Project on V Systems

Tachyon Protocol is the first project powered by V Systems and according to the official announcement, it will leverage around 50 million X-VPN’s global users to become the leading decentralized internet protocol.

Additionally, the team of VSYS is working with Fortune 500 real estate group and xCurrency on the DeFi application development.

How does Staking 2.0 Work?

The idea behind staking 2.0 is simple, some of the tokens powered by V Systems will be allocated as rewards for users that hold and stake VSYS coins. These will be distributed daily to supernodes but only for a concrete time period which solely depends on the number of tokens used. Supernodes, as usual, will reward their community members based on their own rules.

VSYS team has been working hard on the Mainnet development as well as the Utils development. Additionally, Sunny King, Chief Architect of VSYS has recently made his first ‘public appearance‘.

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