Wanchain Surges after Staking Rewards Announcement

August 30, 2019 7:22 PM UTC

Wanchain has recently announced that that their Validator node would launch before September when the activation of the Proof of Stake consensus will happen.

On September 3rd users will be able to earn rewards for staking Wanchain. Staking has become really popular in 2019 and a lot of cryptocurrencies are switching to a PoS consensus algorithm.

Wanchain go it’s WAN/USDT pair on Binance 4 days ago and has seen a 28% surge today. The hourly chart looks great for WAN, bulls saw a huge green candlestick with a lot of volume behind it. Currently we have a bull flag, however, the bears might see some action in the short term due to the extended RSI value.

The WAN/BTC chart has been favoring Wanchain for a week now. There was a huge increase in volume for the past week and an 105% surge against BTC, which is insane.

The daily chart there is now in a pretty big uptrend and the RSI is not overextended.


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