Artificial intelligence is becoming famous with the passage of time. Railz develop a protocol that allows Artificial robots to drive a cars, negotiate to buy and sell and trade electricity with charging stations without human interaction.


Kimera is a platform that opens a gateway to peer-to-peer connections across the industry. The power of blockchain and Artificial Intelligence help to remove middlemen like google, facebook or uber.


Bitenny introduces Prally artificial intelligence assistance of yours. Prally helps you to manage your entire asset no matter funds are big or small. Prally guides you 24/7 and helps you to increase your profit with entire transparency. Prally allows you to purchase online and offline using cryptocurrency.

Ophelius Labs

Ophelius Labs is presenting a platform to the manufacturing sector so they can invest in ecosystems. As most industries investing their time in manpower for managerial work.


Govearn plans to form a global marketplace by using blockchain technology. It acts as a bridge between the public and the government. The gap between Public and government is removing with the help of GOVEARN, now through this platform, there will be better public services and more jobs creations.


Migranet is a unique platform that combines the world’s most leading technologies to improve immigration experience. Migranet combines Artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, biometrics and blockchain technology to form this platform. Migranet aims to provide decentralized immigration services.


Earning and spending time with your loved ones is a fantasy. EverLife.AI intends to make this dream come true. EverLife.AI builds up an ecosystem where you can create immutable Avatars on the Blockchain to power real-life opportunities. Your Avatar will procure money for you while you are sending time with your family


Artificial intelligence is a fast-growing technology. Heroic step forward, use AI-Power to threat protection. HEROIC modify cybersecurity and make AI-based threat protection universally available. By using HEROIC platform users can fight back against cyber threats.


Blockchain Sidechain project, MADANA allows its users to open data analysis by preserving privacy. MADANA brings GDPR compliant way for data processing that brings future Apps and services to be utilized by Business. With the help of blockchain, anyone can monitor and maintain his data by following simple steps.