Golden Currency

Golden is the only global currency that used gold and available for daily use both as crypto and as cash money. Aim is to develop a platform that can be use in ATMs or Bank cards.


Getting the value of cryptocurrency is a real-time issue for some people but this problem is resolved by TROY, Troy gold tokens help it, customer, to get real-world value to cryptocurrency in additions user can buy physical gold from TROY GOLD Tokens.


Buying gold and spending money on gold protection was a serious problem for several decades but thanks to Kinesis this issue come to an end. Kinesis introduces a digital currency that can easily trade-off and when you buy a coin you are allocating real gold or silver stored securely in one of several third-party vaults around the world ensuring no counterparty risk.

Cash Telex

The Cash telex initial purchase of assets from the fund collected during the ICO will provide a foundation and it will continue to reinvest those funds from the collected fee from Loans, exchange transactions and Debit Cards fees issued to customers.


Capitual is as of now bringing crypto-currencies to individuals in various parts. With your assistance, we can promote crypto-currencies utilization over the entire world! Capitual brings the advancement of digital forms of money for the remainder of us by permitting moment trade among fiat and crypto-currencies.


Bytus wants to revolutionize the payment system as it works today and blockchain enables us to do that. Point of Sale transactions are always delayed by fiat payments, crypto transactions will set this right. The feasibility and speed accelerates the business, merchants are highly flummoxed when faced with certain situations regarding payments.

Mt Pelerin

Mt Pelerin aiming to bring evolution into the banking system. By utilizing the power of blockchain technology we design the right tools that can be used to bring evolution. By introducing a tokenization system in the banking balance sheet, making the use of smart contracts on any asset possible.


VRBex will be the head trade for financial specialists looking to trade or exchange cryptocurrency and to put resources into crypto-assets such as security tokens. Straightforward, well-overseen, and agreeable Accustomed to working inside exceptionally controlled conditions. uses the power of AI to provide a smart and safe system of capital distribution. Our main goal is to amplify investors’ profits through interests in promising thoughts and change those thoughts into industrially compelling business ventures.